Winterhaven after Kobold Lair




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When the PCs return to the city after their first outing, they notice the villagers have grown nervous. Read:

The small fields around the walled heart of Winterhaven seem strangely empty. Inside the walls, the few villagers you see walk-ing around appear nervous, pausing to give furtive glances before darting away.

Q: Why does everyone seem so nervous? Random Villager:

“I don’t know . . . I just feel out of sorts, is all. Like someone walked over my grave, you know?”

Q: Do you know the name Kalarel? At this point, no one in the village admits to knowing that name.

Delvers Square

Outer Gate and Walls Second 1

Wrafton’s Inn Second 2

Market Square Second 3

Stables Second 4

Smithy Second 5

Valthrun’s Tower Second 6

Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe Second 7

Warrior Guild Second 8

Tenements Second 9

Temple Second 10

Inner Gate Second 11

Winterhaven Siege Supplies Second 12

Winterhaven Barracks Second 13

Manor House Second 14

Players head to Shadowfell Keep

Winterhaven after Kobold Lair

Keep on the Shadowfell backslash23