Winterhaven after Keep

Delvers Square


The first time the PCs return to Winterhaven after exploring a portion of Shadowfell Keep, but before they have faced and defeated Kalarel, they discover that the priest—through the efforts of his spy Ninaran—has prepared an unpleasant challenge for them.

This encounter includes the following creatures.

  • 6 decrepit skeletons (S)
  • 1 gravehounds (G)
  • Ninaran, elf archer (N)

When the PCs approach the village gates, read:

Winterhaven’s gates are closed. Several figures stand with weapons drawn on the parapet above. One of the figures, Lord Padraig, waves as you approach. He calls out, “We are in peril! Several villagers have disappeared, and the dead in the cemetery have risen. We fear these creatures will emerge to assail the gates and drag us all away.”

Padraig asks the adventurers to deal with the undead in the cemetery. If the PCs need to rest or obtain fresh equipment before setting out for the graveyard, he orders the gates opened long enough for the characters to get safely within the walls.

When the adventurers go to the graveyard, read:

A path from Winterhaven’s gate leads through a grove to the graveyard. A fence of wrought iron bars encloses the cemetery.

When the PCs reach the graveyard, read:

Within the graveyard, the tombstones are densely packed. Three mausoleums sit amid the markers. The soil around some of the graves seems disturbed. A sickly glow pulses from somewhere near the largest of the three mausoleums.

Once the PCs reach the center of the graveyard, read:

The dead burst from the soil around you and attack!


Ninaran carries 39 gp and a small sheet of vellum. Handwritten in Common is the following mes-sage, signed by Kalarel:

I received your report on the adventurers. Next time you see them, put an end to their meddling. Mix the blood of ten people with the elixir my messenger brings. Then trace the following pattern on the ground of a graveyard and pour the liquid into the lines. That should supply you with a force to thwart them. I’m very close to completing my work and cannot be interrupted. As you already know, if you do come to the second level of the keep, the pass phrase is “From the ground, some magic was found.

The pass phrase is false. Ninaran knows the correct phrase. If she is captured, the PCs can force her to divulge the correct phrase (“And life fails in the dark”) with a DC 15 Intimidate check.

Winterhaven after Keep

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