Smithy 5

A dwarf named Thair Coalstriker owns the village smithy. PCs can purchase a variety of mundane wares here, including spikes, weapons, heavy armor, and so on. Simple weapons are readily available, but military weapons require one day to complete, and superior weapons require a week of work.

Thair Coalstriker:

  • Q: We were attacked by little red and brown humanoids on the way to the village. Do you know you have a bandit problem on your hands?

“So, you had a run in with the kobold brigands? Yeah, kobolds. Annoying little dragon droppings! We’ve always had a few in the area, but they’ve really been growing more bold in recent months. Some of the traders who visited us on a regular basis have stopped making the trip, and I’m afraid more will follow if something isn’t done to drive off the foul creatures.”

  • Q: Any unusual cult activity in the area?

“Oh no, my nefarious scheme has been uncovered. Now I have no choice but to destroy you. Hahahah. Sorry. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. The idea of a cult here, in Winterhaven? It’s laughable, really. Hahaha! Thanks for making me laugh.”

Smithy 5

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