Road to Winterhaven

On the road: Kobold Brigands

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The player characters are on King’s Road traveling toward Winterhaven, west to east (or left to right on the map). Along the way, they are set upon by kobold brigands.

Have the players place the miniatures of their characters on the road within 2 squares of the western edge of the map, then give them a round to move their characters eastward.

As the characters travel along the road, read:

The wind is cool and comfortable. The road beneath your feet is level. An occasional ancient cobblestone peeks through the dirt road, indicating decades of neglect. You notice footprints leading up and down the road, many of which were made by small, clawed feet.

As one or more of the kobolds come into view, read:

Small creatures hiding behind the rocks spring into view and begin to move toward you. With a shriek, the small humanoids attack. Scaled and rust-colored, they have reptilian heads and tails.

This encounter includes the following creatures.

  • 5 kobold minions (M)
  • 1 kobold slinger (S)
  • 2 kobold dragonshields (D)

Delvers Square

Delvers Square Delvers Square Delvers Square

When the PCs arrive in Winterhaven, Gevarn parts company with them and heads for the temple. Gevarn invites them to come to the temple and speak with Sister Linora once they are settled. For room and board, he directs them to Wrafton’s Inn.

Road to Winterhaven

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