Market Square Second 3

Every other day or so, carts and wagons gather in the square and offer goods to the people of Winterhaven. Once each week, the official Market Day acts as a siren’s song, calling most of the villagers to shop and socialize in the square. Farmers sell produce, hunters hawk smoked meats, villagers sell crafts, and sometimes a trader from the east sells implements or costly goods.

On any given day, there is a 50% chance that items from the adventuring gear list in the Player’s Handbook are available for sale here. Adventurers will almost never find armor, weapons, implements, or magic items in the market square, however.

Delphina Moongem:

Delphina turned away from the forest of her elven roots to live an urban existence, if Winterhaven can truly be called such. Delphina can be found in the square on Market Day selling wildflowers from her cart. She is happy to tell visitors about Winterhaven. She collects wildflowers north of the village, and she has seen goblins around the ruined keep visible in the foothills to the north.

  • Q: What can you tell me about an ancient keep in the area?

“I collect flowers near the old keep. You need to be careful if you decide to head over that way. There are goblins in the ruins, more and more of them all the time. I have no idea where they are all coming from, but it’s obvious that they’ve moved in and plan to stay.”

Market Square Second 3

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