Manor House Second 14

This grand manor home was built when Winterhaven was an outpost of the Nerath Empire. Staffed by five servants, the manor house where Lord Padraig, his wife, and their four sons live is a beautiful example of stone architecture in a village otherwise composed of thatch and wood. Lord Padraig is willing to meet with adventurers who visit Winterhaven if they specifically seek him out. He also frequents Wrafton’s Inn.

Lord Padraig:

From time to time, the town’s lord (level 3 human warlord) visits Wrafton’s. All those present doff their hats and call him Lord, after which he retreats to a corner table and sips beer. He is amenable to speaking with adventurers who approach him. He initially assumes they are dignitaries from another village or possibly merchants scouting new trade routes. Regardless, if he believes they are merely treasure hunters, his respect diminishes unless they prove their worth.

  • Q: Any unusual cult activity in the area?

“Do you know something that I don’t? Is it serious? Should I be concerned? No, of course not. A cult? Here? Preposterous, I say. Preposterous.”

Manor House Second 14

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