Kobold Ambush

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Having visited Winterhaven, the PCs strike out into the wilderness again. Wherever they are heading, they must first deal with an ambush. A group of kobolds has taken up concealed positions on both sides of the road, lying in wait to ambush the PCs when they leave the village. These kobolds are very disciplined—they wait until the PCs are in a vulnerable position before springing out to attack.

Delvers Square

Have the players place their miniatures on the road near the western edge of the map. Allow each character to make a DC 19 Perception check. Any PCs who succeed can act in the first round of combat; those that failed the check can’t act until after the kobolds have had their first turn

If the kobolds surprise any of the PCs, read:

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War cries break from the underbrush as several small figures dart from hiding places. They are similar to the creatures you fought earlier, but three of them carry longswords and shields.

Roll initiative and proceed with combat.

Delvers Square Delvers Square Delvers Square

This encounter includes the following creatures.
  • 1 kobold skirmisher (K)
  • 3 kobold dragonshields (D)
  • 1 kobold wyrmpriest (W)

Don’t forget battle sounds!


If the PCs defeat the kobold ambushers, they find a total of 5 gp and 23 sp.

In addition, the PCs find a necklace on the wyrmpriest, on which dangles a dragon figurine carved of obsidian. On the bottom of the figure is etched the outline of a skull with ram’s horns. Anyone who succeeds on a DC 10 Religion check recognizes the etching as an abstract representation of the demon lord of the undead, Orcus. PCs can sell the necklace for 80 gp in Winterhaven.

PC’s go back to Winterhaven

PC’s go on to Kobold Lair

Kobold Ambush

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