• Description

The adventurers begin in Highmoon, capital of Deepingdale, near the Thunder Peaks. They are sharing a drink together, talking of recent events, or minding their own business.

The Dalelands consist of free counties full of warm-hearted, independent people.

Delvers Square

  • Hook (Tavern Thugs)

Delvers Square Delvers Square Delvers Square

This encounter includes the following creatures:

  • 4 human thugs (T)
  • 2 human ruffians ( R)
  • 1 human mercenary (H)
  • Once the players place their miniatures, read:

A low fire burns in the hearth of this comfortable common room. The tavern, called the Gilded Lady, is empty of patrons except for a lone human man. Not long after you sit down with your drinks, a group of tough-looking humans saunters into the tavern to the center of the room. The man in the corner leans back into the shadows of his booth. However, the seven new arrivals spot him. Four move to the front and back doors, while three cross the room, cornering the patron.

  • At this point, give PCs the opportunity to act.
  • Place miniatures of the human gang according to the positions marked on the tactical map.
  • If the PCs address any members of the group, the human mercenary grunts and tells them to mind their own business.

Unless the PCs attack the men, read:

The leader of the group, a scarred man in chainmail, leans menacingly over the table of the patron.

“You’re the one, ain’t you?” he asks.

The other man recoils in the booth, mumbling. You hear him manage to stutter, “I—I—d-don’t know what you’re talking about.” The scarred man seizes the shirt of the tavern patron, fumbles with the man’s shirt collar, and yanks out a holy symbol.

At this point, give the PCs another opportunity to act or ask questions.

Perception Check DC 12

The holy symbol that the man in the corner wears is made of oak and bears the symbol of a rose. The symbol is that of the goddess Chauntea, a benevolent deity of nature and the harvest.

Unless the PCs attack, read:

“He’s the one,” says the scarred man with a sneer. He reaches for his sword and, pulling it out, lunges for the terrified man.

  • When the PCs rise to the defense of the acolyte of Chauntea—either physically or verbally—the human mercenary shoves the acolyte back into the booth and turns to the PCs, urging his allies,

“Take care of this rabble.”

When the fight concludes, the player characters have the opportunity to talk to the terrorized acolyte of Chauntea, who introduces himself as Gevarn.

The characters need not worry about the town’s authority; the barkeep, who hides behind the bar during the fight, recounts the heroics of the PCs to the town constable, who dismisses the affair.

If the PCs do not come to the acolyte’s aid, then the human mercenary kills the man. In that case, engage the PCs in the adventure by having the kobolds from the “Kobold Brigand” encounter in Keep on the Shadowfell attack them as they make their way along the East Way through the Thunder Peaks.


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