Area 9 The Maze of Caves

Delvers Square


This area is a rough, natural cavern choked with rubble, stalactites, and stalagmites.

This encounter includes the following creatures.

  • 6 giant rats®
  • 1 ochre jelly (J)

When Shadowfell Keep was first constructed, the build-ers uncovered this natural cave. Narrow burrows, far too small for humanoids to traverse, connect this place to the surface and to other isolated caves throughout the area.

This chamber teems with life, most of it of no consequence to intruders: Small lizards skitter across the floor, and insects crawl among the stalactites. A few larger creatures also lurk in the darkness, ready to make a meal out of anything that comes too close.

When the adventurers enter this chamber, read:

The finely worked stairs and f lagstones of the dungeon give way to a wide, natural cavern. The ceiling drips with dozens of stalactites, and the f loor rises unevenly with loose rocks and stalagmites. The rocks and debris become thicker to the east and west, and both directions offer only narrow paths of unobstructed terrain.

Perception Check

DC 12 Large rats chatter, darting in and out of the shadows.

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Area 9 The Maze of Caves

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