Area 7 The Skeletal Legion

Delvers Square


The adventurers might f lee into this chamber after triggering the terror runes in Area 5, which means zombies from Area 5 or Area 6 might follow them into this room.

This encounter includes the following creatures.

  • 1 skeleton warriors (W)
  • 8 or more decrepit skeletons (S)

Danse Macabre

This chamber is initially quiet. Rows of sarcophagi line the walls, and two altars wait out of sight in the eastern portion of the chamber.

Don’t place any skeletons on the battle grid to start. The skeletons don’t emerge from the sarcophagi until a character passes between the two middle sarcophagi to the east of the entry hall. Once this occurs, the action unrolls in a fast and furious fashion.

In the first round, the sarcophagi disgorge eight decrepit skeletons and two skeleton warriors. Every round thereafter for the next five rounds, two additional decrepit skeletons emerge randomly from two different sarcophagi.

Keep track of the number of skeletons generated and defeated so you can determinate accurate experience points at the end of the encounter (25 XP for each decrepit skeleton). See Features of the Area for details on stopping the flow of skeletons into the chamber.

When the adventurers enter the chamber, read:

Ten massive stone sarcophagi, five on each wall, line this crypt. The sarcophagi are granite and contain relief images of human warriors in plate armor. To the east, the crypt opens into a higher, wider area from which a starry glow emanates.

Perception Check

DC 11 Indecipherable draconic script adorns each sarcophagus.

DC 16 Muff led clicks and scratching noises seem to come from within a few of the sarcophagi.

When any adventurer first passes between the two center sarcophagi to the east of the entry hall, read:

Concussive bangs sound throughout the crypt as each sarcophagus lid slams open. Clattering, clicking bones grope outward from each open tomb.

When the PCs can see the eastern section, read:

Silvery-white light from above suffuses this wide section of the crypt. A dome above the area depicts a fantastic, regal dragon with silver scales in flight across an endless sky. An altar stands on either side of the area, inscribed with elaborate script. Relief images of soldiers in plate armor on their knees in prayer appear on the walls behind each altar.


The script on the altars is Draconic, and both inscriptions read the same:

“The Platinum Dragon is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer. He is my stronghold, my refuge, and my armor against the foes of life—I need only kneel and offer him my praise.”

As a standard action, a PC can kneel before either altar and praise Bahamut. Doing so in any fashion causes the light in the eastern area to become bright, bathing the entire western corridor in dim light. The skeletons (and zombies, if any are present) immediately stop attacking, and all skeletons still active return to their sarcophagi.

From now on, PCs can move in this area without being attacked.


Adventurers who search the altars can discover (DC 15 Perception check) a secret compartment in the southern altar. The secret compartment holds a number of small dragon statues of silver and platinum (one for each member of the PC group), each worth 60 gp.

These objects have value beyond their monetary worth, as explained in the final encounter (see the Dragon Statues of Bahamut sidebar on page 70).

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Area 7 The Skeletal Legion

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