Area 6 The Hidden Armory

Delvers Square


This chamber holds a variety of items, what remains of emergency supplies for Shadowfell Keep. Kalarel and his followers have yet to uncover this place, so its remaining supplies have not been depleted. If the adventurers discover this chamber, they must contend with an illusory wall, several undead guardians, and a mysterious riddle.

This encounter includes the following creatures.

  • 2 zombies (Z)

Secret Door

The secret door leading to this chamber matches the walls in Area 5, making it harder to detect than normal(DC 18 Perception check to notice). If the secret door is discovered, it can’t be opened until it is unlocked (DC 15 Thievery check). A trigger to open the wall is built into the ceiling above, and anyone who looks at the ceiling can notice it with a DC 15 Perception check.

First View When the characters enter this chamber, read:

The secret door slides open to reveal a small, bare room. If this hidden room once held treasure, someone has apparently emptied the place of valuables.

Perception Check

DC 10 Faint moans are audible from the east, but their origin is unclear.

DC 15 The wall on the far end of the chamber seems to shimmer and jump ever so slightly.

The eastern wall of the small chamber is actually an illusory wall, as indicated on the map. The wall functions like a one-way mirror. An observer standing on the side nearer to the door sees a wall. Creatures standing on the other side notice only the faint outline of a wall, allowing them to see through it. The wall blocks line of sight for those who can see it but not for observers standing on the oppo- site side. The illusion does not affect line of effect.

If the PCs decide to investigate further (either because they hear the sounds or see the shimmering), a character might try to poke a weapon or other object through the wall, or someone might try to move through the wall.

If a PC pokes an object through the wall, read:

The surface in front of you offers no resistance. The object disappears from view, but the wall is still visible.

If a PC moves through the wall, read:

You move through the wall as though it were not present. You find yourself in a larger chamber. Four rotting corpses stand in the area, their dead eyes fixed upon you.

As soon as one character moves through the wall, that individual is adjacent to one of the zombies. If the character chooses to continue moving, he or she provokes an opportunity attack from the adjacent zombie. Resolve that attack, if it occurs, and then roll initiative.

If the PCs defeat the zombies and look around the chamber, read:

The area beyond the false wall appears to be an armory. It contains two weapon racks, on the north and south walls, and a stand against the east wall with a ragged suit of armor mounted on it. Mounted on the north wall above the weapon rack is a steel plaque inscribed with a helm from a suit of plate armor.


As a final defense against thieves, the builders of Shadowfell Keep created a guardian to watch over this place. If the PCs move adjacent to one of the racks after disposing of the zombies, a spirit bound within the plaque poses a riddle in a deep, booming voice:

A wondrous treasure,

Valued by all, sought by many.

Found in both victory and defeat,

Yet never at the bottom of a treasure chest.

It marches before you like a herald,

And lives long after you are gone.

Of what do I speak?

There are two answers to this riddle:

“Reputation” or “Honor.” At your option, any other synonym for these terms is an acceptable answer.

If the characters give the right answer, the armor on the stand gleams with light and transforms from junk into +1 black iron scale armor.

+1 Black Iron Scale Armor:

This suit of magic armor (value 840 gp) provides its wearer with a +1 enhancement bonus to AC as well as resist 5 fire and resist 5 necrotic.

If the characters offer an incorrect answer, the plaque rumbles the following:

“You try my patience. Offer the answer soon, or the treasure I guard shall forever be denied to you.”

If the PCs give three incorrect answers, the plaque says:

“Honorless thieves! The treasures of this place will never be yours!”

With that pronouncement, the suit of armor falls to pieces.

Arms and Equipment:

The weapon racks hold equipment that appears rusty and worn. Time has been unkind to the objects, and they no longer have any worth.

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Area 6 The Hidden Armory

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