Area 10 Kruthik Lair

Delvers Square


An adult kruthik burrowed into this area and spawned, forming a lair. The kruthiks sometimes catch and eat goblins. In response, the goblins created small pit traps near the entrance of the area in an attempt to catch kruthiks. The kruthiks quickly learned to avoid these pits, but the traps might catch adventurers unaware.

The kruthiks have burrowed narrow tunnels through the solid walls separating different parts of the area. The kruthiks can move through these openings at full speed, but Medium-sized PCs cannot move through the tunnels at all. Small PCs can squeeze through the tunnels (see Features of the Area below).

This encounter includes the following creatures.

  • 1 kruthik adult (A)
  • 2 kruthik young (Y)
  • 3 kruthik hatchlings (H)

When the adventurers approach the open pit, read:

A 10-foot-deep pit looks as if it were once concealed by a layer of thin flagstone, which now lies shattered at the bottom, around the unmoving form of a broken, six-limbed reptile.

A DC 15 Nature check identifies the creature as a kruthik, a deadly hunter that lives in hives. This one obviously fell afoul of a camouflaged pit trap.

Perception Check

DC 12 A nose-wrinkling, snakelike musk issues from the chamber ahead.

DC 17 A few 5-by-5-foot sections of the f loor seem slightly elevated, as if concealing something.

When the adventurers see the kruthiks, read:

Ahead, several creatures cluster around a small pile of loose coins and other objects. Many are small, but one is the size of a human. All resemble six-limbed reptiles with insectlike traits. Silvery chitinous plates cover their bodies and short tails, and each has four limbs that end in scythelike claws. The creatures have two smaller limbs, which have finer digits close to the body. The head is vaguely reptilian, and the lower jaw is a toothed plate flanked by serrated mandibles.

If a PC triggers a concealed pit trap, read:

The flagstone floor crumbles beneath you, dropping you into a dank pit.


Treasure Pile: This loose pile of loot contains 47 gp and 216 sp. A small chest among the coins contains five gems, each worth 50 gp.

Goblin Belt Pouch: This pouch contains 12 gp and two potions of healing.

Potion of Healing: As a minor action, drink this potion and spend a healing surge. Instead of the hit points you would normally regain, you regain 10 hit points

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Area 10 Kruthik Lair

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